I'm 39 years old graphic designer at advertising agency Lahtinen Mantere Saatchi & Saatchi (Turku, Finland) where I'm working with various design assignments in print (packaging) and digital.

I'm naturally curious about new technologies especially about the web. And I have developed a set of strong webdesign skills. I'm no developer but more like a code oriented designer.

I have from my childhood been enthusiastic about drawing and animation and I have recently started to do and learn animations again.

Previously I worked as a freelancer (2003–2009) and later joined a small design agency (Neodesign 2009–2014) as a partner which was an unforgettable adventure for me.


Moments of my day.

Hello, I'm Erkki Tuomi, an experienced graphic designer, partly web designer, occasional illustrator and a beginner in animation.

My digital profiles: